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The cloister of the monastery
The cloister of the monastery
The beautiful Lokrum Island is situated a few hundred meters off from Dubrovnik, from the mainland. The island of 0.5 km2 area and a length of 1.5 km-s is one of the most popular trip destinations from Dubrovnik. Visitors can hop on a boat by Dubrovnik's old town, in the Old Port - most of these boats are operated by the natural reserve and depart every 15 minutes in the high season. The combined tickets good for the Dubrovnik-Lokrum-Dubronik boat ride and for the admission to the island cost 60 Kunas (2013) - when using the service of the Natural Reserve. There are also private companies with scheduled boats reaching Lokrum, for example from nearby Mlini - visitors arriving with private boats pay 35 Kunas entrance fee for the island. Visitors are not allowed to stay for the night on the island - they have to return to the mainland.

Lokrum offers wonderful natural environment, a couple of sights and amenities to its guests. Out of the historic monuments the partly ruined former benedictine monastery is the one that stands out (parts of it were destroyed during the 1667 earthquake). It was Lokrum where Dubrovnik's quarantine was built up in the 16th century. This Lazaret was used up to the 17th c. - parts of it are still visible below Fort Royal, the fortification built during Napoleon's rule of the area in the early 19th c. The villa in the harbor is dated from the Habsburg era of the island, the second half of the 19th c.

Enriching the lush mediterranean flora of the island with a botanical garden was initiated by Habsburg archduke Maximilian, who bought Lokrum in 1859. The build up of the garden continued until to the early 20th c. - during these years parts of the monastery were transformed into a summer residence, as well.

A day trip to Lokrum offers fun for all members of a family. Lokrum has two larger beaches - one by the harbor and the other one on the northwestern side of the island (Stijene). The southeastern corner of the island is reserved for naturist bathers. One can walk throughout the island on its numerous trails - without the danger of getting seriously lost. Those with more intense sporting needs can use the fields on the southwestern part of the island. There is a cafe by the harbor and a beach bar at Stijene Beach and Mrtvo Jezero. The garden of the monastery has a restaurant for the thirsty and hungry guests.

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Stijene - the southwestern cape of Lokrum
Stijene - the southwestern cape of Lokrum

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